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My sons have been working regularly with Alex Robinson for the past two years. As a parent of young players, Alex has earned my trust. His baseball knowledge is second to none, as he is able to tailor specific drills to address exactly what my sons need to improve their pitching and hitting skills. Both of my sons have seen measurable improvement in all aspects of their games. I believe this is because Alex has a unique ability to connect with the boys and speak in a language where they can understand and apply what he is teaching.


What I really love about Alex is his focus on the mental aspects of the game, which is so important to building confidence and seeing results on the field. Both of my sons are able to take what they have learned during their hitting and pitching lessons and apply it directly to game situations. I would recommend Alex to any player looking to raise their game.

- Tyler L.

We have been going to Coach Alex for hitting and pitching lessons for 3 years. Coach Alex is an outstanding coach and mentor. He is extremely knowledgeable about the game and understands what it takes to meet your goals. Coach Alex connects with his clients, builds a personal relationship and quickly keys on what drives his clients to get the best out of them. 


Coach Alex has helped us with numerous things including, creating custom training plans specifically for what goals we want to meet. He also does not believe in one size doesn’t fit all. There is more than one way of accomplishing your goals and he understands how to build upon what works best for us. Additionally, Coach Alex not only works on specific skills and strength/conditioning, but he is also someone that believes in having the right mental approach to the game. Coach Alex reinforces constant communication and explains what he is teaching and why. By reiterating the questions, “how/what did you feel? Was it better/worse? One of the most important aspects of working with Coach Alex is that he gives us the knowledge to be your own coach and to be able to make in game adjustments to perform at our best.

We can’t thank Coach Alex enough for everything he has done. He has helped my son reach his next goal of receiving an offer to showcase his talent next year, playing JUCO baseball.

- Chad G

Our 2 sons have been working with Coach Alex for 3 years on hitting, pitching and fielding. The growth and confidence our boys have gained under Coach Alex’s tutelage is immeasurable.  


Coach Alex doesn’t just work on the physical components of becoming a stronger athlete, he focuses on the mental aspects too, and for that, our boys have become more well-balanced young men on and off the field. Their sessions aren’t just learning and practicing fundamentals, they are learning how to think and how to anticipate where to go and what to do.

Coach Alex has a wonderful way of explaining baseball, he communicates so well and demonstrates so clearly; he really knows how to inspire and motivate our sons.  


Alex makes each lesson specific to what each boy needs to work on, he follows through and builds on skills each week.  The personalized development plan he creates is impressive and effective.  


We can’t thank Alex enough for being such a wonderful mentor, coach and friend.  


- Susanne and Steve R

Alex has been coaching our son and daughter for over two years. His influence and impact on their skills was immediate, has sustained, and continues to progress on a weekly basis. Alex has developed personal relationships with each of them, and truly cares about their wellbeing.

With his coaching, we have seen our daughter and son develop their skill sets, self-awareness, and personal confidence to become better players, teammates, and leaders.

With out a doubt, one of the best decisions we have made for our kids has been continuing to work with

Alex to help them grow and become better and stronger student athletes. His sessions are customized

to their strengths and weaknesses, and he always has a positive coaching attitude.

We are thankful to have him in our lives.


- Scott & Allison T.

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