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Next Summer Baseball Camp Session offered by The Yard...August 16-17 

The Yard Baseball Academy Summer Camp program is a great opportunity for players to continue their skill development in a fun-filled environment. 


Our camp will run for two days featuring instruction during the morning session focusing on hitting and defense. The afternoon session will focus on situational baseball games and competition drills. All participants will receive a t-shirt.

summer baseball camp at jarretsville recreation complex

“To succeed in baseball, as in life, you must make adjustments.”

Ken Griffey Jr.


My sons have been working regularly with Alex Robinson for the past two years. As a parent of young players, Alex has earned my trust. His baseball knowledge is second to none, as he is able to tailor specific drills to address exactly what my sons need to improve their pitching and hitting skills. Both of my sons have seen measurable improvement in all aspects of their games...

- Tyler L.

Our 2 sons have been working with Coach Alex for 3 years on hitting, pitching and fielding. The growth and confidence our boys have gained under Coach Alex’s tutelage is immeasurable.  

Coach Alex doesn’t just work on the physical components of becoming a stronger athlete, he focuses on the mental aspects too, and for that, our boys have become more well-balanced young men on and off the field. Their sessions aren’t just learning and practicing fundamentals, they are learning how to think and how to anticipate where to go and what to do.​..

- Susanne & Steve R.

We have been going to Coach Alex for hitting and pitching lessons for 3 years. Coach Alex is an outstanding coach and mentor. He is extremely knowledgeable about the game and understands what it takes to meet your goals. Coach Alex connects with his clients, builds a personal relationship and quickly keys on what drives his clients to get the best out of them...

- Chad G.

Alex has been coaching our son and daughter for over two years. His influence and impact on their skills was immediate, has sustained, and continues to progress on a weekly basis. Alex has developed personal relationships with each of them, and truly cares about their wellbeing.

With his coaching, we have seen our daughter and son develop their skill sets, self-awareness, and personal confidence to become better players, teammates, and leaders...

- Scott & Allison T.


1 Nashua Court, Suite C, 
Baltimore, MD 21221
Hours 2:00pm - 9:00pm


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